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Hey boys and girls! Good news, the e-Vouchers that give you free battery covers and free SIM card registration have now been extended till 30 November!

So if you’re thinking of buying an INQ Mini, be sure to print this voucher out, and use them at any Singtel Hello! Store by Nov 30! That’s $77.75 worth of savings!

Click below for printable version!

INQ Mini E-Voucher Singapore

Hey y’all, just a couple of announcements regarding the INQmobile winner for the contest we had. link

I’m proud to announce the winner:


Congratulations! -))) I’m sure those vouchers will come in handy -) The wonderful folk from INQmobile’s agency will be in touch with you shortly!

In other news:

1. There will be another INQmobile Mini 3G roadshow from Oct 31 – Nov 09, 11am – 10pm daily at Plaza Singapura, Level 1! So rock on down if you want to check out the mobile phones -)

2. Print these vouchers to enjoy the following perks!
– Free pack of INQmobile mini 3G battery covers (worth $34.95)
– Waiver of registration fee and SIM card charge (worth $42.80) when you sign up for the INQmobile Mini 3G handset at the roadshow

Click on link for printable version

3. INQ Mini 3G does not come with a hefty price tag and can be yours for free when you sign
up with SingTel

4. Mediacorp artistes appearance: Dai Yang Tian @ 8pm (31 Oct) and Elvin Ng @ 8pm (1

5. There will also be a lucky draw for anyone who purchases the INQ Mini 3G on 31 Oct -‐ 1 Nov.
Winner will walk away with free 12mth free mobile subscription. 1 winner each day.

So if you’re thinking about what to do this weekend, why not take a trip downtown, and check out the INQ Mini 3Gs that will be there for you to try out! And get connected!


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If you’re a Citibank customer with 3G smartphone who’s constantly on the go, Citibank’s mobile platform could just be the best thing that happened to you.

I’m not a Citibank customer, but it was nice to receive this piece of news about Citi Mobile that points to the next step in mobile services for banking.

What Is The Citi Mobile Platform?

It’s a mobile banking service launched by Citibank on 14 August 2009 that consists of Citi Mobile and Citi Alerts.

  • Citi Mobile is a simple mobile browser based interface that allows the customer to perform essential banking functions such as funds transfers and bill payments. Because it’s browser based, no installation or download is required, you simply punch in into your mobile browser and login to your secure site.
  • Citi alerts is a sms based information service which can be customized according to our preferences
  • Citibank 1

    Looking at the screenshots, it seems that the service has been well designed for the multitude of transactions that take place everyday. Because of the design simplicity, navigation and interaction is a breeze, and all the heavy lifting is done in the background. I’m already a fan of Internet Banking, and this looks exactly like how it’ll be a good user experience.

    And Now It Shines!

    Well, banking services aren’t everything, I mean, sure you could spend a couple of minutes commuting and getting your banking errands done, but it’s this portion of the service that I believe the Citi Mobile Platform shines. Truly understanding the mobile customer and providing information on the go, there are 3 additional services: Gourmet Pleasure, Promotions and Find My Citi.

    Gourmet Pleasure

    At a touch, you have access to finding out where Citibank is accepted and having promotions for Singaporeans’ favourite past time: Eating!

    Citibank Gourmet Pleasure


    And if you’re love the offers and promotions that come with getting a credit card, it’s always useful to stay up to date with the latest good tidings. I mean, I know not all of us read the monthly brochures that come with our credit card statements, it’s the 21st century!

    Citibank Promotions

    Find My Citi

    And the last bit of usefulness that comes the service, is the ability to find out just where your standalone Citibank services are, just in case.

    Find My Citi

    Is It Secure?

    If you’ve ever used Citibank’s Online Banking Service, then it is equally as secure, after all, the Citi Mobile Platform is essentially a customized version meant for the mobile browser. But to put you at ease, Citi Mobile utilize a secure process with end-to-end encryption and a flash SMS alert that sends you a One-Time PIN (OTP) to complete any transactions. These are almost universal security standards, so you can rest easy.

    Citibank Security

    I’m really impressed with the comprehensiveness of the Citi Mobile Platform. You can tell that it’s a truly complex infrastructure that supports you every mobile banking need, while ensuring your privacy and security. The beauty is that it doesn’t overwhelm you, truly a high point in service design.

    I’m Sold, But Can I Use It On My Mobile Phone?

    According to Citibank, the Apple iPhone has a dedicated optimized offering, and is mobile web optimized for other mobile devices. Of course, the platform is designed of new generation phones like Nokia N97,HTC dream etc and hence looks better on these devices

    If you’re an existing Citibank customer, you owe it to yourself to use this service more often, and maximize the 21st century experience.


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